Da Nang - a city worth living in Vietnam is sweet with beautiful colors so people must love to remember. The person who has not gone is looking forward to a visit once, the person who has come is anxious to wish to have another couple of dates. Da Nang, besides the familiar tourist places like Ba Na, Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son, Han River, and love bridges, the new stops still attract many hearts filled with enthusiasm. Having returned to Da Nang, having passed all the 'familiar faces' landscapes, please take the time for the Ruy Nam O beach. To the South O reef, visitors must not be surprised by the colorful painting to the fantasy that this beach brings. Certainly, will ‘love at first sight’.

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Nam O Reef is a pristine beach located in Hoa Hiep ward in Linh Chieu district, 17km from the center of Da Nang city in the northwest. With dusty tourists, the Nam O Reef is a new and unique discovery site, but for Da Thanh residents, this beach is too familiar because this is a favorite picnic place every weekend. Because of 'not appearing' in any tour's route, Ran Nam O beach still retains its pristine beauty, so that travelers feel like setting foot in a new land, spreading freely. experience.

The name of Nam O Reef is understood as a beach located in the south of Chau O past. The beach dates back to the 1960s as a refreshing bath for local people, gradually becoming an ideal ‘escape’ place for tourists who want to find a quiet, peaceful suburb. The Nam O Reef is divided into two small clusters, the Reef and the Reef. The Reef is about 50 and about 300m long and stands out with a thick layer of reefs immersed in the sea. The smaller Reef lies parallel to the Great Reef, in the middle is a small creek where people still call the bowel, creating a new difference for the Nam O Reef.

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